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Award Nomination: Biggest Ripoff
My wife and I just ate there last week (6/1/12). It has a new owner. I was a little suspicious when I noticed that we were the only ones in the entire restaurant. But, we ordered anyhow after finding out that my beloved Geppettos was closed for good. Onto the meal. My wife had the fish & chips and I had a steak. The F&C was not so good. Good portions but terrible quality. The fish was sliced very thin and the breading was sort of like dry flour. Yuk. The steak was tasty but very tough. We will not be returning there ever again.

LONG LIVE GEPPETTOS - The marinated turkey breast sando on a Fagazzi roll was to die for :)
I used to eat there every time I went to Ashland for the last 22 years. You shall be missed. RIP

Award Nomination: Biggest Ripoff

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